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     He had never felt that way before. His heart ached.
     ‘When will you take your holidays?’
     ‘I don’t know, Mother… That’s why I asked you to come. I don’t know when we’ll see each other again’
     But he knew very well that there would be no holidays and that his mother was seeing him for the last time. The thought of such a tremendous journey was already sending a chill through his heart.
     ‘At least try to come in the Autumn,’ she pleaded, ‘in time for the apples and pears… and the water melons.’
As the astronaut listened to his mother, he was drawn to the beauty of the Earth and realised that he would miss it (mother planet) if his mission to another galaxy happened, as there would not be a way to return to the Moon or Earth if he went to another galaxy. His heart ached when he realised this, and he became emotionally stuck.
He was well aware that his one-way trip to another galaxy would prevent him from returning to Earth and reuniting with his mother. During this time, the astronaut's mother inquired about his vacation time, which he could utilise for a trip to Earth, to which the astronaut replied that he was unaware. He also said he didn't know when he'd see his mother again. However, it is a pity that the adoring mother and son will not be reunited following the astronaut's galaxy mission.
The adoring son was well aware that there would be no vacation or holiday in his life and that this was the final time he saw his mother. While speaking with his mother, the astronaut's son felt the anguish of having to leave her. He was terrified at the thought of leaving his mother.
The ignorant mother kept pestering her son about his vacation, pleading with him to come at least during the autumn season, when apples, pears, and watermelons were being harvested.
Meaning of difficult words:
Send a chillTo make someone feel thrilled, excited or frightened
Tremendous Very large or great
Ached To have a continuous pain that is unpleasant

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