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     ‘Back home the orchards are in bloom. There will be a lot of fruit this year, if only the frosts don’t strike. Will you come for a holiday in the summer?’
     He almost told her about the expedition. The words were on the tip of his tongue, but he checked himself. Why make her worry? Worry. That was it. There was worry in her voice. The words were cheerful but the voice was worried. Had she guessed that this was their parting!
Through her kind words, the adoring mother attempted to persuade her son to visit their mother planet (Earth). She began to convince her son that when they returned to Earth, they would be able to see the orchards that were blooming there at the time. So, if there aren't too many frosts, those flowers should produce additional fruit. She asked when her son would come to Earth for a vacation after she said those things.
When the astronaut heard his mother speak, he was about to say something. He was about to tell his mother about his trip to another galaxy. He resisted the urge to inform her because it was their last meeting. So, during their last meeting, he didn't want to disappoint her.
Furthermore, the astronaut was doubtful whether his mother was aware of his mission, and their meeting was their last, as her worried voice led him to assume so.
Meaning of difficult words:
OrchardRefers to a garden or a piece of land where trees and plants are grown
ExpeditionRefers to a long, dangerous journey, organised for a particular purpose
PartingAn act of leaving or of moving apart
To check oneselfTo stop oneself

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