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     His mother had still a young, ringing voice: perhaps because she had been such a great singer! So long as he could remember her, she had always liked singing. On holidays, when they had guests, she sang cheerily and enthusiastically, but on weekdays, as she went about the chores, her singing was muted and a little sad. She even talked in a singsong manner. Now, too, there was something unusual in her voice –  perhaps she was excited because it was her  first visit to the Moon! As he listened to her familiar voice that was so dear to him, he wondered why it had this ringing sound.
According to the narrator, the astronaut's mother had a young, loud, and clear voice, which leads one to believe she could be a wonderful singer. The astronaut recalled his mother's ability to sing beautifully at all times. His mother used to sing cheerfully and excitedly whenever guests gathered at the astronauts' home during the holidays. However, she never sang during the weekdays, and if she did, it was with sadness since she must have been burdened by the routine labour she did.
The astronaut could also recall his mother's habit of speaking in a singsong tone. At the moment of their meeting, the astronaut could sense his mother's joy in her voice. He reasoned that it was because his mother had journeyed to the moon for the first time. According to the narrator, the astronaut was perplexed as to why his mother's voice echoed so weirdly with a ringing sound. It's because his mother's voice was so familiar and beloved to him that he could tell if there was a difference in it.
There is a reason why the author placed a greater emphasis on the mother's voice-a reason that reflects the story's twist, "Mother's Voice" - which will be disclosed at the conclusion.
Meaning of difficult words:
Ringing voiceA loud and clear voice
EnthusiasmRefers to intense enjoyment, interest or excitement
ChoreA routine work which is often boring or unpleasant
FamiliarWell known to you

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