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     When she came to the Moon  she looked around and admired the moonscape: ‘I never realized it was such  a beautiful place’.
     He took her along the endless tunnels of Selenopolis, showing her the tall structures, which propped up the star-studded sky.
     ‘It’s so easy to walk here, son!’
The narrative, Vasil Berezhnoy's "Mother's Voice", reflects a conversation between an astronaut and his mother. A mother was invited to the moon by her son because he did not receive a vacation to return to Earth, and he wanted to meet his mother. It was her first time to the moon, and she was looking forward to seeing the moon landscape. She appreciated the moon's splendour and stated that she had no idea the moon could be so lovely. Her son then took her to a location on the moon known as 'Selenopolis.'
The astronaut and his mother.jpg
The astronaut and his mother
Selenopolis is a space project that aims to construct a lunar habitat. Since the story takes place on the moon, the narrator took the region for granted, supposing that it had already been used.
The astronaut then took his mother to Selenopolis's long, unending underground passage. He showed his mother the tall structures that have propped up the star-studded sky there. She then told her son that walking on the moon was quite simple for her.
In reality, according to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) study, walking on the moon is far easier for humans. According to NASA's theoretical calculations, the test subjects should have had an average walk-to-run transition speed of about 1.8 miles per hour (that's compared with transition speeds of 4.5 miles per hour here on Earth).
A long walk in the moon.jpg
A long walk in the moon
Meaning of difficult words:
Venture A dangerous and difficult project that involves risk or uncertainty
MoonscapeThe surface of the moon
Propped upTo support something from the upright position
TunnelA passage under the ground
Star-studdedFilled with stars
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