Tow Sawyer was disturbed and not happy as his friend Becky Thatcher stopped coming to school. He left with boredom, and all his happiness vanished in his life. Tom's aunt Polly was worried about him as he even stopped playing with his hoop and hat. She was experimenting with patent medicines and all new methods of improving health.
Tom Sawyer remained bored.
She tried all types of medicines on Tom. The new kind of cure named water treatment came into the market, and aunt Polly tried to use it on Tom based on his condition. The treatment was like Tom was out every morning in the sunlight and aunt Polly stood beside him in the shed made of wood, and she drowned Tom in cold water and later rubbed him hard with a towel like a file. Then aunt Polly rolled him up in the wet sheet and covered him under blankets.
Aunt Polly worried about Tom.
Tom didn't respond to the treatment and became more and more disappointed. He became more sad, depressed and pale. Aunt Polly tried many things on Tom like hot baths, sitz baths, shower baths and plunges, but all went in vain. She started a new treatment by adding water with slim oatmeal diet and blister-plasters to reduce the blisters. She approximately understood his capacity to tolerate things and provided him every day with all the cures which she can think of. Tom was totally vexed, so he thought of plans to relieve himself and acted as if he likes the pain killer. He started asking for it often so, Aunt was irritated and asked him to take care of himself and not to bother her.
Polly could see that the medicines are reducing; that means Tom has it often, but she could not imagine that the boy is playing with his health.
One day when Tom was taking medicine, aunt's cat came forward, making the sound and looking at the spoon of medicine and was eager to taste it. Tom was talking to the cat named Peter saying not to ask for the medicine unless he needs it. Peter acted as if he wanted it. Tom asked again to make sure, but Peter insisted.
Tom said to Peter that he is ready to give as it asked for the pain-killer. Tom mentions that if Peter does not like it, then he should not blame anyone other than himself.
Tom talking to Peter.
Peter agreed for what Tom has said. So, Tom has opened the mouth of Peter and poured the pain killer. Peter reacted in a drastic way he first jumped a couple of yards in the air, cried and then circled the room hitting against the furniture, breaking the flower pots and looked confused. Next, he stood on his back feet and enjoyed dancing in an uncontrolled excitement with his head over his shoulder. The cat's voice came out entirely with happiness. Then the cat crying and tore many things on its way.
Peter rose on his hind feet and danced around.
Aunt Polly entered the room when Peter was doing an acrobatic movement with a complete revolution and finally made a loud noise before jumping throw the open window by breaking the rest of the flower pots. The old lady was frightened by whatever was happening, she adjusted her glasses to understand, and she saw Tom laughing on the floor.
Polly asked Tom what on earth was happened to that cat?
Tom replied that he does not know anything what happened to it.
Aunt said that she never saw Peter react that way anytime.
Tom still said that he has no idea, but cat's do react that way when they are having a good time.
Aunt was not convinced with Tom's reply, but maybe they do.
Tom said that he believes that cat do react that way, but Aunt asked him again if Tom does that way when he is happy, Tom replied that he does.
Aunt Polly bent down, took the spoon and showed it to Tom. Tom made a shrinking movement and bent his head down then aunt Polly pulled Tom by his ears and hit him on his head with her thimble.
Aunt Polly giving remedies to Tom
Aunt asked how he could do that to a poor cat. He said that he felt pity for the cat as it had no aunt. Aunt Polly asked so what if the cat does not have any aunt got to do with his actions. Tom said that if the cat had an aunt, then she would have burnt him out herself and roasted his stomach and the cat would have reacted like a human.
Aunt Polly felt pain with her actions towards the boy. Suddenly she felt that she had done something was wrong. If a cat reacted so much after taking that medicine what the young boy would have been going through. She melted down a bit, felt the pain and tears came down, she put the hand on Tom's head assuring and said that she was looking for the best for Tom and that it did do some good to Tom.
Tom looked at her aunt with his twinkling eyes and said that he knew that she was making sure to give him the best, but that is what I was trying to do with Peter. It has done some good to Peter as well as he is not seen around much.
Aunt Polly asked him to leave the place before she lose the patience as she was annoyed by Tom's answers. She asks him to try to be a good boy at least once and that he need not take any medicines.