Formation of an expression:
An expression can also be written in words.
Let us look at a few expressions and their definitions.
\(x + 3\)
\(3\) added to \(x\)
\(2\) times \(x\)
\(4x + 2y\)
First \(x\) is multiplied by \(4\) and is added to \(y\) multiplied by \(2\)
\(p\) multiplied by \(-5\)
Let us look at a few examples based on the formation of expressions.
1. How do you define \(6x + 4y\)?
It is defined as '\(x\) multiplied by \(6\) and added to \(y\) multiplied by \(4\)'.
2. How do you express \(8\) times \(t\)?
\(8\) times \(t\) can be expressed as \(8t\).