Geometry is a large topic that one can relate to practically by visualizing each concept.
We can say that each one visible mathematical things that we understand are often categorized under geometry.
The English word "geometry" is the equivalent of the Greek word "Geometron". The words "geo" and "metron" stand for "Earth" and "Measurement," respectively.
We have seen numerous historical monuments, and these monuments have certain shapes and figures which amaze us.
Are they very complex structured?
No, they're just made by assembling shapes that we learn within the branch of mathematics called “Geometry”.
output-onlinepngtools (6).png
Referring to the above image, we all know it is the Thanjavur temple (Brihadeeswarar Temple). The top (temple dome) structure indicated in the temple is round shape, and all the pillars around the temple are like straight lines. Let's see some more objects for straight lines and round we see in real life.
Straight line:
1. Pencil
2. Ruler
1. Ball
2. Orange
апельсин Ресурс 1.svg
Hence, we will see all the essential objects that are a part of our everyday life represent geometric shapes.