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This chapter contains mock examinations for Class 10 Tamil Nadu State Board.
You will see \(10\) mock exam versions under “Tests” and will be able to try them all.
Each mock exam comprises four parts. You have to attempt all questions of Part I, II, III and IV.
Part I: Question numbers 1 to 14 in Part I are Multiple Choice Questions of one mark each. These are to be answered by choosing the most suitable answer from the given alternatives.
  • 14 questions carry 14 marks.
Part II: Question numbers 15 to 24 in Part II are two marks questions.
  • 10 questions carry 20 marks.
Part III: Question numbers 25 to 34 in Part III are five marks questions.
  • 10 questions carry 50 marks.
Part IV: Question numbers 35 to 36 in Part IV are eight marks questions. These are to be answered in detail.
  • Question numbers 35 and 36 will not be evaluated. You can try them out and see explanation and/or solution examples in “Solution steps” after finishing the test.
  • 2 questions carry 16 marks.