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  1. Numbers

    1. Formation of Large Numbers, Use of Commas, Comparison of Numbers and Creating New Numbers

    2. Use of Large Numbers in Daily Life Situations and Oder of Operations

    3. Estimation of Numbers

    4. Facts and Properties of Whole numbers

    5. Prime, Composite and Twin Numbers

    6. Rules for Test of Divisibility of Numbers

    7. LCM, HCF, Application and Relationship between HCF and LCM

  2. Introduction to Algebra

    1. Patterns, Patterns in Number Operations and Operations on Variables

    2. Framing Algebraic Statements and Converting Algebraic Statements to Verbal statements and Vice versa

  3. Ratio and Proportion

    1. Ratio and its Properties, and Simplifying Ratios of same and different units

    2. Equivalent and Comparison of Ratios

    3. Proportion and unitary method

  4. Geometry

    1. Lines, Line segments, Rays, Angles, Angle Measurement using Protractor and Special Angles

    2. Types and Properties of a Triangle and Construct Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

  5. Statistics

  6. Information Processing

    1. Systematic Listing, Completion of Lists and Magic Triangles

    2. Conversion of 'Tree Diagram/Algebraic Expressions' into 'Numerical Expression/Tree Diagram'

    3. Iterative process, Euclid's game, Following and Devising algorithms, Arranging things

  7. Measurements

    1. Introduction to Measurement and Conversions within the Metric System

    2. Fundamental Operations on Quantities with Different Units

    3. Measures of Time: Reading, Conversion, 12-Hour and 24-Hour Format, and Year

  8. Bill, Profit and Loss

    1. Bills: Verfication and Preparation of a Bill

    2. Profit and Loss

  9. Fractions

    1. Comparison, Addition and Subtraction of Unlike, Improper and Mixed Fractions

    2. Multiplication and Division of Fractions

  10. Integers

  11. Perimeter and Area

    1. Perimeter: Rectangle, Square and Triangle

    2. Area: Rectangle, Square and Right Angled Triangle

    3. Combined shapes and Impact on adding/Removing a portion

    4. Area of Irregular Shapes and Expressing Area in Square Units

  12. Symmetry