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Step 1: Draw a line segment \(PA\).
output-onlinepngtools (27).png

Step 2: Place the protractor on the line segment \(PA\) by taking the midpoint of the protractor at point \(P\), as shown in the figure.
output-onlinepngtools (30).png

Step 3: On \(PA\) from the right start counting from \(0°\) in the ascending order (counter-clockwise direction and finally mark a point \(Q\) using a sharp pencil at the point showing \(60°\) on the semi-circular edge of the protractor.
output-onlinepngtools (29).png
Step 4: Remove the protractor and join \(PQ\).
output-onlinepngtools (7).png
We get the required angle \(∠APQ =\) \(60°\).