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Can you predict the answer for the following as per your observation?
  1. \(1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19,\) __________.
  2. 1.png _____.
I think you cab predict the next number. Yes, the next number in the first case is \(22\). Because from the beginning we are adding \(3\) to get the next number thus, it follows the pattern 'Adding 3 to the previous number'. In the same way, the next number in the second case is \(10\) oranges with \(5\) oranges in each row. Thus, it follows the pattern 'Adding two more oranges to the previous set of oranges'.
The study of patterns helps us to get the relationships and find continuous connections, to produce generalizations and predictions.
  • Solving problems in mathematics will be easy if we look for patterns in numbers and objects.
  • Patterns always allows us to make an intelligent guess.