\(12\) Peanut butter cookies are present in \(1\) muffin tin.
How many peanut butter cookies must be there in \(4\) such muffin tin?
There will be a total of 12×4 = 48 peanut butter cookies.
If there are \(6\) muffin tin. Then how many peanut butter cookies will be there?
Thus, the number of peanut butter cookies in \(6\) muffin tin will be 12×6 = 72.
So, to find the total number of peanut butter cookies here, we have multiplied the number of peanut butter cookies in \(1\) muffin tin by the number of the muffin tin. This is the concept of multiple.
A multiple of a number is defined as a number which is a product of that number and any other whole number.
1. The multiples of \(2\) are \(2\), \(4\), \(6\), \(8\), \(10\), \(12\) and so on.
2. The multiples of \(5\) are \(5\), \(10\), \(15\), \(20\), \(25\), \(30\) and so on.
Facts about multiples:
  • Every multiple of a number is equal or greater than to that number.
  • The number of multiples of a given number is infinite.
  • Every number is always a multiple of itself.