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If a transversal line meets two lines (parallel or unparalleled lines), eight angles are formed at the points of intersection as shown in the below figure.
The pairs of angles \(∠1\), \(∠2\); \(∠3\), \(∠4\); \(∠5\), \(∠6\) and \(∠7\), \(∠8\) are linear pairs.

Besides, the pairs \(∠1\), \(∠3\); \(∠2\), \(∠4\); \(∠5\), \(∠7\) and \(∠6\), \(∠8\) are vertically opposite angles.
We can further classify the angles into different categories as follows:
1. The corresponding angles
2. The alternate Interior angles
3. The alternate Exterior angles