Median is also one of the ways to measure the central tendency of the given set of data.
When a set of numbers is arranged in ascending order or descending order, the middle term constitutes the set's median.
Steps to find the median:
Step \(1\): Arrange the numbers in ascending or descending order.
Step \(2\): Count the number of entries, \(N\), on that set.
Step \(3\): Find the middle term using the formulae given below.
If \(N\) is odd, then:
\(\text{Median} =\) N+12th \(term\)
If \(N\) is even, then the median is the average N2th and N2+1th terms.
That is, \(\text{Median} =\) \(\frac{1}{2}\)\(\Bigg[\)N2thterm+N2+1thterm\(\Bigg]\)