எங்கள் ஆசிரியர்களுடன் 1-ஆன்-1 ஆலோசனை நேரத்தைப் பெறுங்கள். டாப்பர் ஆவதற்கு நாங்கள் பயிற்சி அளிப்போம்

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A balanced diet
A food plan that includes all kinds of nutrients in abalanced amount that keeps a person healthy is known as abalanced diet.
Food pyramid
The food taken should also provide the necessary amount of energy and water. Balanced diet aids in: 
  • An increased capacity to work
  • Proper physical and mental health
  • Enhanced capacity to resist diseases
  • Helps in the proper growth of the body
The nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats are highly essential to make a person healthy and make a balanced meal. These are the major nutrients of a meal. In addition to it, we also need dietary fibres and water to make the absorption of all the nutrients easier.
Things to be avoided in a proper diet
  • Cooking of vitamin C rich foods should be reduced because it may lead to loss of the vitamin in food. Hence, vitamin C rich foods should be consumed naturally without processing.
  • Some vitamins and minerals may be lost while washing vegetables such as carrot, lady's finger after cutting them into pieces, after peeling off their skin. Instead, try to wash those vegetables first and then cut them into pieces, so that full effect of those vegetables  can be utilized.
  • Carbohydrates and fats provide energy, in order to be energetic one cannot eat French fries, and cakes so that they can be energetic. It is unhealthy because it increases blood glucose levels and will lead to various heart diseases and many other complications.