Food: Where does it come from?
Mind map
  • Food is anything that animals, plants, or humans eat to nourish their bodies for proper growth and maintenance.
  • Food is a substance that provides energy and which keeps the body in good health.
  • Various items used to prepare a dish is called an ingredientIngredients are the components that are used to prepare food.
  • Different ingredients required to prepare different foods are obtained mainly from two sources - plants and animals.
  • Plants produce food on their own through the process of photosynthesis. Green plants are known as producers because they prepare their own food.
  • The different parts of the plant that we consume includes - root, stem, leaf, flower, seeds (unripe), and the ripen fruits.
  • Many plants have more than one edible part.
  • Not all plants are edible. Some of the plants can also be poisonous!
  • Any material that is derived from the body of an animal is known as animal products.
  • Animal products used as food in day to day life include eggs, chicken, mutton, fish, honey, milk, etc.
  • Based on the food habit, animals are classified into herbivores, carnivores, omnivores.
  • Besides the three main types, animals can also be classified as decomposers, scavengers and parasites.