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Meteoroids are rocky celestial bodies smaller than asteroids. These objects break away from the Sun's orbit and fall towards the Earth, becoming a meteor.
Meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a very high speed and get heated up due to friction in the atmosphere. This small object glows and evaporates quickly like a bright streak for a short time. These bright streaks of light, which is visible in the night sky, are called meteors. It is also known as shooting stars.
Meteor Showers:
When Earth crosses the leftover of a comet, groups of meteors are seen. These meteors fall on Earth like a shower and are known as meteor showers. They occur at regular time intervals in each year. The time of their visibility is found through a scientific magazine.
shutterstock1090585073w474jpg meteor shower.jpg
Meteor shower
Sometimes, the large meteors can reach the Earth before they evaporate completely. They are known as a meteorites. These objects help scientists to understand the nature of the material from which the solar system was formed.
Every year, around \(3000\) meteorites fall on different parts of the Earth. The Hoba Meteorite in Namibia is the largest discovered meteorite, which is mainly made up of iron.
hoba meteorite-700836_1280.jpg
Hoba meteorite
Pictorial representation of celestial bodies