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Another member of the solar system family is the comet.
Comets are celestial objects made of gas and dust which revolve around the Sun in a highly elliptical orbit. They are visible only when they approach closer to the Sun. The revolution period of a comet is very long.
Parts of comet:
The body of a comet is of two main parts; head and tail. A comet has a bright head with a long tail. The head of a comet appears like a glowing ball of light.
When a comet approaches the Sun, the condensed gases and dust particles on the body get heated up and vaporise, making the head glow. The length of the tail increases as the comet approaches the Sun. A comet's tail is always directed opposite to the direction of the Sun.
comet path.png
Position of the comet around the Sun
Halley’s Comet:
Halley’s Comet is a periodical comet, which appears after every \(76\ years\). Previously, it was seen in the year \(1986\) and will be visible again in the year \(2062\).
Halley’s comet in \(1986\)
In the olden days, people had so many myths and superstitions on comets. They thought that the comets were messengers of disasters like wars, epidemics, and floods. But the appearance of a comet is a natural phenomenon in the sky.