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The planet revolves around the Sun in a definite elliptical path called an orbit. Since the planets revolve in orbits, they do not collide between the other celestial bodies while revolving around the Sun.
Orbit of the planets around the Sun
The period of revolution is the time taken by a planet to revolve around the Sun.
The period of revolution depends on the distance of the planet from the Sun. As the distance of the planet increases from the Sun, its revolution period also increases.
Revolution of Earth
A planet rotates or spins on its axis while revolving around the Sun. The period of rotation is the time taken by a planet to complete one rotation on its axis.
We can compare the rotation of Earth to a spinning top as shown below.
Rotation of Earth and spinning top
A satellite is a celestial body revolving around another celestial body. Some planets in the solar system have satellites revolving around them.
Is Earth a satellite of the Sun?
According to the definition of a satellite, Earth can be called a satellite of the Sun but it is called a planet. The term 'satellite' is generally used to denote the bodies revolving around the planets. In contrast, the Earth orbits a star (Sun).
Types of satellites:
Natural satellites:
Planets may have some natural celestial objects revolving around them. Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth.
Moon and the Earth
Artificial satellites:
Artificial satellites are man-made satellites that revolve around the Earth and are different from natural satellites. Man-made satellites are launched from the Earth. These satellites revolve around the Earth in a much closer orbit than the moon.
Communication satellite