We have learnt that the weight of an object depends on location in which it is placed. The force acting on the apple on the earth surface varies on the moon surface. This is because the mass of the moon is less than that of the earth. Due to this, the moon exerts a lesser force of attraction on objects. So the weight of the apple will be less on the moon surface.
Let us compare the weight of an astronaut near the earth surface and the moon surface,
Astronaut near the surface of moon
The mass of the astronaut(object) be m
The weight of the astronaut on the moon be Wm
The mass of the moon be Mm
The radius of the moon be  Rm
The weight of the object on the moon will be calculated using the universal law of gravitation.
Let us consider the weight of the same object on the earth be We. The mass of the earth as \(M\), and its radius as \(R\).
Divide the equation 1 by 2,