The human brain is the body's most complex organ. It is responsible for our thoughts and physiological processes. Drugs and alcohol alter our mood by altering the chemicals in our brain that keep it running smoothly. When we first start using drugs, our brain produces a chemical called dopamine, which causes us to feel euphoric and crave more of the drug. After that, our brain becomes so familiar with the extra dopamine that we can't function normally without it. Due to this reason, everything will change, including personality, memory, and bodily processes. So, drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse can harm our life. In this section, we will study drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse in detail.
Drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse:
Addiction is defined as physical and mental dependence on alcohol, smoking, or drugs.
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The addictive nature of these substances draws a person into a vicious cycle of regular abuse and dependency.
Addiction to such products is serious because the abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs causes various harmful effects to the individual, family, and society.
Addiction is a dangerous pattern of behaviour in children that can avoid with the proper guidance.
Drug abuse:
In general, drugs used to treat diseases on the advice of a physician and are immediately discontinued once the patient has recovered.
Any person who is habituated to a drug due to its prolonged use is called a drug addict. This addiction is known as drug abuse.
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Types of drugs:
1.  Addictive drug:
The drugs which alter a person's physical, biochemical, psychological, or social behaviour by stimulating, depressing, or disrupting the activities of the body and mind is called addictive drug.
As these drugs interact with the central nervous system, they affect an individual's physical and mental health.
Heroin, alcohol, nicotine, methamphetamine. 
2.  Psychotropic or mood-altering drug:
The drugs that act on the brain and modify behaviour, consciousness, power of thinking and perception are  psychotropic or mood-altering drugs.
Aripiprazole, clozapine, iloperidone, olanzapine.
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