Alcoholism is the very biggest prevalent issue in our problem because it affects the lives of many people and their families. It is a disease that makes you too selfish to see the problems you created and care about the people you shattered. This is because of the addiction created by all kinds of drugs. In this section, we will study alcohol abuse.
Alcohol consumption is a social evil done by both the wealthy and the poor.
The dependence of an individual on alcohol is known as alcoholism.
The people addicted to alcohol are known as an alcoholic, also known as alcohol abuse.
The consumption of alcohol impairs an individual's physical, physiological, and psychological functions.
Harmful effects of alcohol on health:
The prolonged use of alcohol acts as a sedative and analgesic, causing the depression of the nervous system. Some of the harmful effects of alcohol are as follows:
Effect of alcohol on the body
  • The damage of nerve cells results in various mental and physical disturbances.
  • Inadequate coordination of body organs.
  • Reduced or blurred visions cause road accidents.
  • Dilation of the blood vessels affects the functioning of the heart.
  • Damage to the liver causes fatty liver, which leads to cirrhosis and fibrous tissue growth.
  • The body gradually loses control and consciousness, leading to health complications and death.
Rehabilitation measures for alcoholics:
1.  Education and counselling:
Alcoholics can overcome their difficulties and stress with education,  adequate counselling and accepting shortcomings in their lives.
2.  Physical activity:
It is mandatory for the individuals undergoing rehabilitation to maintain their health by indulging in healthy activities like reading, music, sports, yoga and meditation.
3.  Seeking help from parents and peer groups:
When a difficult situation arises, the affected individuals should seek assistance and guidance from their parents and peers. This would allow them to express their anxiety, wrongdoing and break the habit.
4.Medical assistance:
Those affected must seek aid and guidance from psychologists and psychiatriststo recover from their illness and live a more relaxed and healthy life.
Individuals can benefit from alcohol de-addiction and rehabilitation programmes to completely overcome their addiction and live every day and healthy life.