In the previous section, we learned torque and couple.
In this section, we will discuss the different applications of torque.
Applications of Torque:
A gear is a circular wheel with teeth around its rim. Gear helps to change the speed of rotation of a wheel by changing the torque and helps to transmit power.
Many of you have played on the see-saw. Since there is a difference in the weights of the persons sitting on it, the heavier person lifts the lighter person. When the heavier person comes nearer to the pivot point (fulcrum), the distance of the line of action of the force decreases, it produces comparatively less amount of torque to act on it. This allows the lighter person to lift the heavier person.
Steering Wheel:
A small steering wheel allows you to design a car easily by transferring torque to the wheels with less effort.
Opening a bottle cap:
The rotating force (torque) is used when opening a bottle cap.