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In our day to day life, we can notice the force everywhere around us.
While entering into the house, we open the closed door by pushing or pulling it.
Opening the door
While travelling in a vehicle, the brakes are pushed to stop the vehicle.
A man riding a bicycle
Force is a push or pull that leads to change in the state of the object. Whenever a force is applied to the object, and it will move from its position. Generally, force results in the motion of an object.
While running, the man is applying force upon his feet to move from one place to another.
An object is considered to be in a state of rest when there is no change in its position with respect to time.
Initially, an object is stationary, meaning it is completely at rest. But, when you push or pull an object to any side, it moves out of its rest position, resulting in motion.
Pulling and Pushing an object
An object is considered to be in the state of motion when its position changes with respect to time. From small atoms and molecules to larger stars and galaxies, everything is in motion.
Flying birds, moving cars, the flow of blood through our veins and arteries.

Flying birds
Do you think the walls of your house are in motion?
The walls of your house are not changing their position with respect to their surroundings, so it is said to be at rest.