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If the burning process does not emit any flame, then it is called combustion.
Oxygen supports combustion. Even in rockets, oxygen is considerably reduced when it reaches a certain height in the atmosphere. Hence, some amount of oxygen is added along with the fuel for combustion.
A rocket
Carbon-di-oxide occupies less than \(1\%\) of our atmosphere. Plants and animals produce carbon-di-oxide on consuming oxygen for respiration.
Carbon-di-oxide does not support combustion, but it creates suffocation. For instance, whenever fire happens inside a closed room, people trapped in it may feel suffocated. It is due to the carbon-di-oxide which is filled inside the room.
People suffocating due to fire
Also, carbon-di-oxide is used to extinguish fires. Fire extinguishers are used to put off fire by throwing a stream of carbon-di-oxide in case of fire accidents.

Firemen using fire extinguishers
The burning of dried leaves and crop remains pollutes our environment. This is due to the emission of carbon-di-oxide gas while burning.
Burning of dried leaves