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Humans prepare their food by cooking plants and animals for survival. Animals hunt down other animals or eat plants for their hunger. But have you ever wondered how plants prepare their food for a living? There is a process named photosynthesis for food preparation.
The process by which plants make their food using water and carbon-di-oxide in the presence of sunlight and give out oxygen along with the food is known as photosynthesis.
Release of oxygen from plants:
This simple experiment to prove the release of oxygen from plants during photosynthesis requires a small hydrilla branch, water, a beaker, a test tube, a funnel and two wooden blocks for support.
photosynthesis and experiment.png
Experimental set-up
  1. A small healthy hydrilla branch is taken and placed in a funnel.
  2. The funnel is then inverted in a beaker filled with water.
  3. Now, a test tube is taken and inverted over the stem of the funnel such that the stem is fully immersed in the water.
  4. The beaker setup is then kept under sunlight for some time.
Small air bubbles rise in the test tube after some time. These air bubbles contain oxygen released by the plant during photosynthesis. When a glowing splinter is placed next to the collected air, it suddenly starts burning, indicating the presence of oxygen. From this test, it is evident that the collected gas is oxygen.