PDF chapter test TRY NOW

Imagine you are in a railway station. A train arrives at the platform, and stands still on its track. After a while, you see people coming out of the train.
Is the train moving?
No, it is not moving. It is at rest.
But, what happens after the guard gives a green signal? The train starts moving or in motion.
Similarly, you would have seen so many objects moving in your street, they are either pushed or pulled.

The vegetable vendor pushing the cart, children playing football or playing in a swing are examples of motion. In all these examples, you could see the objects are in motion.
What happens when you observe a moon on a cloudy night? Is it the moon or the clouds that are moving?

Yes, only clouds are moving.
Similarly, your house is in the same place and the television mounted on the wall is also in the same place. They are said to be stationary and are at rest.