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Separating mixtures:
Separation is the process in which the components of a mixture is isolated and removed from one another to get a pure substance.
Materials we use in everyday life are received from different sources and combined with other sources. But, there is no need for separating all the mixtures. Mixtures such as coffee and ice creams come under this category. Whereas, metals found under Earth's crust are in the form of ores. If we need a pure form of metal from ore, it requires laborious process of extraction for separation.
When is separation required?
  1. To remove impure and harmful substances from a mixture.
  2. To get useful components from other components.
  3. To get a highly pure substance.
  • Separating pure gold from gold mines.
  • Removing stones from rice.
  • Separating petrol from petroleum.
  • Separating grain from stalks while harvesting.
  • Removing tea leaves from the liquid.
  • Removing pebbles and stones from sand.