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Drawing Tools:
Paint (Brush):
  • The Paint Brush tool enables you to draw freehand, using various brushes (selected from the Selector on the right side) and colours (selected from the Colour palette, which is at the bottom of the screen).
  • If you press, hold and move the mouse button down, it will draw as you move.
  • A sound will be played when you draw. The bigger the size of the brush, the lower is the pitch.
Stamp (Rubber Stamp):
  • The Stamp tool is like a collection of rubber stamps or stickers.
  • It enables you to paste pre-drawn or photographic images (like a picture of a horse, tree, or the moon) in your picture.
  • As the mouse is moved around the canvas, an outline follows the mouse, showing where the stamp will be located and how big it will be.
  • There can be numerous types of stamps (e.g., animals, plants, outer space, vehicles, people, etc.). Use the Left and Right arrows to cycle through the collections.
Before 'stamping' an image onto your drawing, depending on the stamp, various effects can be applied:
  • Some stamps can be coloured or tinted. If the colour palette below the canvas is activated, you can click the colours to modify the tint or colour of the stamp before placing it in the picture.
  • Stamps can be narrowed and expanded by clicking within the triangular-shaped series of bars at the bottom right; the larger the bar, the larger stamp will appear in your picture.
  • Many stamps may be flipped vertically or displayed as a mirror image, using the control buttons at the bottom right.
control buttons.JPG
  • This tool enables you to draw straight lines using various brushes and colours.
  • This tool is generally used with the Paint Brush.
  • Click the mouse and hold it to select the initial position of the line.
  • As you move the mouse around, a thin rubber-band line will show the position of the line to be drawn.
  • Release the mouse to complete the line.