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Once you select Play alone from the title screen, the following window will be opened.
The following are the options available while you play and learn alone.
1. Math Command Training Academy:
This option provides a list of over fifty prepared lessons, starting with simple typing of single-digit numbers and progressing to multiplication and division involving negatives and missing number questions.
For example: "\(-17 * ? = 119\)"
The above image shows the different lessons for learning by playing.

The player wins if the question list is finished successfully. Completed lessons are shown with a flashing gold star.

2. Play Arcade Game:
This option selects from one of four open-ended, "Arcade Style" games, meaning the gameplay gets quicker and faster as long as the player can manage, aiming to achieve the highest score possible.
The options include:
  • Space Cadet - simple addition.
  • Scout - addition and subtraction up to ten.
  • Ranger - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division up to ten.
  • Ace - all four operations with operands up to 20, including negative numbers and missing number type questions.
If you achieve one of the top ten scores in the difficulty level, your name will enter into the Tux Math Hall of Fame!
3. Play Custom Game:
This option allows you to play a game based on the player's home directory config file. You can customize the options within the game at some point.
4. More Options:
This option will be developed into the menus to set options not directly related to math questions, such as
  • switching the music on and off
  • toggle between full screen and windowed
  • using cities vs igloos, and the like
Now it just has the "Demo" mode, as well as credits and project information.
  • Press the UP and DOWN arrow keys to choose what you wish to do, and then press ENTER / RETURN / SPACEBAR key. Or, use the mouse to click the menu item.

  • Pressing the ESCAPE key will quit the program.