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Tux math:
Tux Math is also known as Tux of Math Command. It is an open-source arcade-style video game for learning basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The main goal of this application is to make learning effective and fun.
In Tux math, you play the part of Commander Tux, as he defends his friends from an attack of math equations. Comets crash towards the friendly penguins in their igloos, and you must destroy the comets by solving their equations.
Title Screen:
After the welcome screen, you will get the opening screen of Tux of Math Command.
In the title screen, you will see the following options:
1. Play Alone: This will allow you to play and learn alone.
2. Network game: This option enables you to play with your friends through a local network (For example - Wired connections between computers).
3. Play with friends: This option allows you to play with your friend on the same computer.
4. Factoroids: This option allows you to learn factorization.
5. Help: This option allows you to see how to play.
6. More Options: This option provides you with additional options to work.