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Photoshop’ is the best-known software to edit and modify photos.
Can we make a photo gallery only with pictures, or is there anything more to do with a bunch of photos?
Yes, We can make a photo story by using pictures. This gives a visual explanation of the content.
In the lower classes, you have studied photo stories, as shown in the below picture.
Children learn concepts quickly through photo stories than by reading words. This type of photo story can be converted easily into videos with the help of Microsoft Photostory application.
Microsoft Photostory:
Using Microsoft photostory we can make videos. In order to make a video, first we have to order the pictures. Then, we have to add music to the photostory.
Here are the steps to create a photostory using Microsoft Photostory:
Step 1:
Open the application ‘Microsoft Photostory’ on your computer. In that select ‘Begin A New Story’ and click on Next.
Step 2:
Click on ‘Import Picture’. Now, the files on your computer will appear. Select suitable pictures for making a video. There is a provision for editing the photo. If required, we can edit the image and then click on ‘Next”.
Step 3:
We can add small text to the pictures if needed. Then click on ‘Next’ and give animation to the videos. We can give audio effects also to these images. After finishing this, click on ‘Next’.
Step 4:
To add background music, we can select a music file through “Select Music” and then click on “Next”.
Step 5:
Next, select a title for the story and choose where it has to be saved on your computer. Then, using SETTINGS, change the format of the video.
Step 6:
Now your video is ready to view. Click ‘VIEW YOUR STORY’. You can see the video.