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Picture 1
A plain sheet of paper
Picture 2
A box
  • As soon as we see the above picture, we know the difference between the two. Picture \(1\) is two dimensional(\(2D\)); picture \(2\) is three dimensional(\(3D\)).
  • The two-dimensional(\(2D\)) images have only two dimensions they are length and height. But, a three-dimensional image(\(3D\)) has length, height and width.
  • Three-dimensional videos will bring the scenes alive before our eyes. Many three dimensional films have already been produced. Recently, three-dimensional games have also developed.
  • Now there is another new technology-virtual reality in \(3D\). Virtual reality is a technology that shows the computer image as a real image.
  • When we see games through this technology, we can perceive the game's setting as a real thing. Now, this technology has been introduced in smart phones also.