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Operators in LibreOffice Calc:

An operator is a character or set of characters that determine the action that is to be performed or considered.
Logical Operators:

Logical Operators are used to comparing two or more relational expressions. These operators also always give a single value as a result True or False.
Some of the logical operators are,
AND Operator:

Logically combines two expressions. It returns a value TRUE if both or all its operands are TRUE and FALSE otherwise.
  • \(=AND(12<13;14>12;7<6)\) returns \(FALSE\).
  • \(=AND(12<13;14>12;7>6)\) returns \(TRUE\).
Not Operator:

Negates an expression by inverting the bit values.
Or Operator:

Performs a logical OR disjunction on two expressions.
XOR Operator:

Performs a logical Exclusive-Or combination of two expressions.