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What is nature?
Nature refers to the living plants, animals, geological processes, weather, matter and energy. Nature is an interconnected network of life.
All of us depend on nature for food, water, air, energy, and raw materials.
The elements of nature continually evolve or undergo changes and transformation. The cause of variation in the elements of nature is due to the forces of nature. The cause can be physical and chemical, which are natural causes. Besides the natural cause, there are man-made ones that are responsible for the changes.
Environment - "enviros" means surroundings. The environment is the sum of all the elements, factors, and conditions present in the surroundings that impact the organisms' survival.
What are natural resources?
Resources provided or obtained by nature and developed without humans' intervention are called natural resources.
Some examples of natural resources include air, water, soil, wild and domestic animals, minerals and natural fuels like coal, petrol, and petroleum. The earth's diverse natural resources supply the necessities for the survival of all forms of life, including humans.
Natural resources
All the things that we use as food, clothes, furniture, toys and vehicles are obtained from the resources present on the earth. The only energy obtained from outside is from the sun. Thus, natural resources need to be used carefully.
Since natural resources are not unlimited, and with the increasing human population, the demand for resources increases exponentially. We can see that the natural resources are recycled again and again on the earth for continuous use.
Thus, natural resource management is a long-term perspective as these resources need to last for future generations. It is our responsibility to reduce and restrain the activities which affect the natural resources.
The management of resources should ensure an equal distribution of resources so that all benefit from these resources. Another factor considered when exploiting natural resources is the damage we cause to the environment while the resources are used.
For example, mining causes pollution because of the large amount of waste that is discarded for metal extraction. Hence, sustainable resource management is needed. The present-day is aimed for sustainable development and conservation of natural resources.