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What is environmental protection?
Environmental concerns of the present-day include pollution, global warming, acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer, landslides, deforestation, drought, and desertification are the issues that need to be tackled.
The protection of the environment is thus of prime importance.
Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the environment for the benefit of the natural environment and humans.
Environmental protection provides holistic knowledge on natural processes, effects of human intervention, and overcoming these environmental problems.
Environmental protection
What is adaptation?
You would have studied the presence of white fur in polar bears, the strong claws in lions and tigers. What are these?
Living organisms adjust according to their habitat and the changes present in the ecosystem.
The presence of certain features which enables an animal or a plant to live in a particular surrounding is called adaptation.
Living organisms develop specific morphological, anatomical, physiological and reproductive adaptations that help them survive better and withstand environmental conditions.
Adaptations present in polar bear, penguin, lion, and red-eyed frog
In the chapter, the bio-geo-chemical cycles, the adaptations present in the plants and animals, conservation of water, and recycling of water are dealt in the subsequent theories.