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According to the laws of flotation,
1. The weight of a floating body in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body.
2. The floating body's centre of gravity and its centre of buoyancy is in the same vertical line.

4 (3).png
The buoyant force acting on a boat
The centre of buoyancy is the location where the force of buoyancy is meant to act. The centre of buoyancy can be seen in scuba diving or deep-sea divers. In the below image, the yellow mark denotes the buoyant force and the green mark denotes the gravitational force.
Scuba diving
Fun facts:
1. Flotation therapy:
  • According to research, flotation therapy has been shown to improve cardiovascular health by promoting deep relaxation, which decreases stress and promotes sleep.
  • Submerging oneself in water containing magnesium-rich Epsom salts is known as flotation therapy.
  • A floater is receives magnesium through the skin as he or she relaxes.
  • Magnesium aids the body's insulin processing, lowering the chance of acquiring Type 2 diabetes.
2. Can you increase the buoyant force acting on the freshwater?
Yes, by adding salt to the freshwater. Because buoyant force is proportional to the density of fluids, when we add salt to the freshwater, its density can be increased. Therefore, saltwater has a higher buoyant force than freshwater.