Specific latent heat is defined as latent heat expressed per unit mass of a substance. It is denoted by the letter L.
If \(Q\) is the amount of heat energy absorbed or released by the ‘m' mass of a substance during its phase change at a constant temperature, then the specific latent heat is given by
As a result, specific latent heat is the amount of heat energy absorbed or liberated by a unit mass without causing a temperature change during a state change. J/kg is the SI unit for specific latent heat.
Let us look at the example problem.
1. How much heat energy is required to melt 4 kg of ice? (Specific latent heat of ice = 336 J/g)
Mass (\(m\)) \(=\) \(4 kg\)
Specific latent heat of ice (\(L\)) \(=\) \(336 J/g\)
To find: Heat energy (\(Q\))