You can use LibreOffice without needing a pointing device, such as a mouse or trackball, by using its in-built keyboard shortcuts. Tasks as diverse and complex as docking and un-docking toolbars and windows or adjusting the size or location of objects can all be performed with only a keyboard. Although LibreOffice has its own large set of keyboard shortcuts, each component provides others that are specific to its work.
Impress Function Keys:
A function key is a key on a keyboard that can be programmed to cause an operating system (OS) command interpreter or application program to perform specific actions, a form of a soft key.
Shortcut Keys
Open LibreOffice Impress Help.
Select the text tool and edit the text.
Starts a slide show.
Enter group and edit group.
Duplicate object.
Exit group.
Open Position and Size dialogue.
Starts a slide show.
Restart a slide show at the current slide where the slide show was
previously stopped at.
Go to the first slide in a presentation when in Normal view.
Open Navigator.
Forward navigation within the on-screen elements without using
Backward navigation within the on-screen elements without using
Start spelling checker.
Open thesaurus.
Edit points.
Fit text to frame.
Open context menu of a selected object.
Open Styles and Formatting dialog.