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  • Factors like rainfall, temperature and soil decides the natural vegetation of the region.
  • Almost all types of vegetations are found in Asia due to its stretch from Equator to Poles.
  • Some rare species found in Asia are Orang-Utan, Komodo Dragon, and Giant panda.
1. High Temperature, High rainfall:
  • Location: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka
  • Flora: Evergreen trees - Mahogany, Rubber, Rosewood, Sal
  • Fauna:Rhinoceros, Tiger, Babirusa, Orangutan, Komodo Dragon 
Komodo Dragon
2. Summer rainfall, Dry winter:
Location: India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Southern China
  • Flora: Deciduous trees Teak, Sandalwood, Bamboo
  • Fauna: Tiger, Elephant, Indian Cobra, viper

3. Extreme temperatures:

  • Location: Arabian desert, North, North-West India
  • Flora: Cactus, Dates (Oasis), Thorny shrubs, Babul tree
  • Fauna: Bactrian Camel, The Sand grouse, desert oryx

4. Dry winter, Warm summer:

  • Location: East China, Japan, North and South Korea
  • Flora:Cherry, Apricot, Plum
  • Fauna: Giant Panda, Japanese macaque
Giant panda


Japanese Macaque


5. Warm Summer and winter rainfall

  • Location: Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria
  • Flora:Figs, Olives, Citrus fruits
  • Fauna:Lynx, Jackrabbit

6. Long and dry winter, short and cool summer:

  • Location: Siberia, Himalayas
  • Flora: Coniferous trees - Pine, Fir, Spruce
  • Fauna: Siberian Tiger, Brown bear, Wolf

7. Permanent snow cover:

  • Location: Beyond the snow line
  • Flora: Lichen, Mosses Grass
  • Fauna: Polar bear, Lemming, Reindeer, Arctic fox