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Hot Desert

Cold Desert

The deserts with an extreme hot climate.

The deserts with an extreme cold climate.

They are found in the tropical and sub-tropical regions (Western coasts of continents).

They are mostly found in temperate regions at higher latitudes.

It has sandy soil.

It has sand, ice, or snow-covered land.

It is red or orange in colour.

It generally appears grey in colour. 

Precipitation levels are comparatively lower than cold deserts.

Mostly have higher precipitation levels than hot deserts.

Evaporation is higher than precipitation.

Precipitation is higher than evaporation.

Commonly found animals: Fennec foxes, Dung beetles, Bactrian camels, Sidewinder snakes, Mexican coyotes, etc.

Commonly found animals: Foxes, Jackrabbits, Kangaroo rats, Pocket mice, Badger, etc.

Vegetation is scarce and mostly includes shrubs and short woody trees.

Vegetation is scattered with needle-like leaves.