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  • In size, Europe is the sixth-largest continent or second smallest continent in the world.
  • It is the world's third most populated continent.
  • It is situated in the Northern hemisphere.
  • It has diverse landforms and people.
  • It is the birthplace of Western civilizations (Roman and Greek).
  • It is also the birthplace for Democracy and the Industrial Revolution.
  • Europe is the most developed continent in the world.
Location and size:
Longitudinal extent
\(24º33' \)West
\(69º 03' \)East
Latitudinal extent
\(34º 51'\)North
\(81º 47'\)North
  • The Prime Meridian\(0º\)longitude passes through Greenwich in England.
  • Entire Europe is located in the northern hemisphere and, it covers an area of \(10.5 \)\(million \)\(sq.km.\)

Continental borders:
North     Arctic Ocean
South Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea  
West Atlantic Ocean
East Ural mountains
  • It looks like a Giant peninsula.
  • Europe is called as the 'Peninsula of Peninsulas’.
europe location.jpg