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Physical Divisions
Europe resembles as a tail of the giant "supercontinent" Eurasia. A series of watersheds, including the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Sea divides Europe from Asia. It has diversified physical features such as mountains, plains, plateaus, peninsulas, bays, islands and river basins.
It can be divided into four physical divisions:
1. The North Western Highlands
2. The Central Plateaus/High land
3. The Alpine Mountain system
4. The North European plains
Amazing facts about the Netherlands :
  • About \(25\% \) of the Netherlands lies below sea level.
  • Dikes were built to prevent the influx of sea water.
  • The reclaimed new lands called 'Polders' from the sea.
Do you know?
The European Union (EU)
  • Type of Union: Economic and political Union
  • Number of Member countries: \(28\) 
  • It has its own flag and the common currency
  • Currency: The Euro (€)