• Wheat is a temperate crop.
  • Leading producers of wheat in Asia: Russia, India, China and Pakistan.
wheat growing areas map.jpg
Millets and Oilseeds:
  • In the drier parts of Asia, millets like Bajra, Jower, Ragi and Sorgham are grown.
  • These crops are widely cultivated in India, Pakistan and a few gulf countries.
  • Apart from these, pulses, spices and oilseeds are also produced in various parts of Asia.
Jute and Cotton:
  • Jute and cotton are the important natural fibres cultivated in Asia.
Asia produces one-third of the world’s cotton.
  • The major cotton-producing countries are India, China, Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • India, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh are the leading producers of jute.
  • Climate: Tropical wet and dry climate
  • Major producers of sugarcane: India, Indonesia and the Philippines.