Mineral Resources
  • Wide variety of mineral deposits are found in Asia.
  • It holds an significant place in the production of Iron, Coal, Manganese, Bauxite, Zinc, Tungsten, Petroleum, Tin etc.
  • In the west Asian countries, Oil and Natural Gasare found.
  • Asia produces world's One-third of the world’s oil .
  • Among the west Asian countries, Iran has a considerable wealth of mineral resources.
Important minerals found in Asia are:
Iron Ore:
  • The largest deposits of iron ore in the world is in Asia.
  • China and India are the important iron ore deposit countries of Asia.
  • Other countries that have iron ore deposits: Turkey, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, etc,.
  • It is a fossil fuel.
  • Largest coal deposit in the world is found in Asia.
  • Asia has the largest deposits of coal in the world.
  • Largest producers coal in Asia:China and India.
  • It is mineral oil.
  • South West Asia has the largest petroleum reserve.
  • Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE are the important petroleum-producing countries.
  • Other important petroleum-producing countries are South China, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, India, Russia.
Other important minerals
  • Bauxite is found in India and Indonesia.
  • Largest producer of Mica in the World: India
  • Tin is found in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.