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The Rise of Buddhism
  • The Ideological supremacy displayed by the upper-class Brahmanas and other castes, rigid caste system and killing cows in the name of sacrifice significantly impacted the lives of people performing Agriculture. This social unrest led to the emergence of new religions like Buddhism.
  • Buddhism counterattacked the ideological dominance of the upper class and went on to win over people from all walks of life, and became almost inseparable among the masses.
  • Buddhism is a \(2600 years old \)religion that still prevails in South and South-East Asia.
The Birth of Gautama, Siddhartha 
  • The Royal Prince of the Sakhya clan was born in Lumbini in the year \(563 BCE\). His real name was Siddhartha, who later acquired the name Buddha and was credited as the founder of Buddhism.
  • After losing his mother, Mayadevi, seven days post his birth, he was raised by his stepmother Gautami. Gautama married Yasodhara and led a normal Prince life in Lumbini.
  • He renounced his prince-hood at the age of \(29\), where the incidents he witnessed at this age shocked his existence. He left his family and embraced Sainthood.
Four Great sights
1.An old man carrying heavy rags on his back.
2. A man suffering from an incurable disease.
3. A group of people weeping and carrying a dead person to cemetery.
4.An Ascetic monk passing by.
  • The sightings of these incidents gave Gautama a rude shock while he was taking stock of his empire. He was highly attracted to the ascetic's emotional balance, which influenced him to detach himself from worldly attachments.
The Phase of Enlightenment
  • After renouncing his prince life, Gautama embraced the life of an ascetic who believed in attaining supreme knowledge through meditation.
The Enlightened Buddha
  • Gautama sat under the “Pipal tree” and undertook rigorous meditation, which brought him the desired result of “Enlightenment” during his 49th day of the Meditation.
GAUTAMA BUDDHA: He attained the Enlightenment under the Pipal tree located in Bodh Gaya (Bihar) on the banks of the river “Niranjana”.
  • He discovered the truths of life through the process of meditation, which made him a noble soul. After attaining the Enlightenment, he was known by the name of “Buddha – the Enlightened one”.
The First Sermon of Buddha
  • Post the attaining of the enlightenment; Buddha delivered his first Sermon in the Deer Park located at Saranath (UP).
  • His First Sermon was about the “Dharma Chakra Pravartana” or “Turning the Wheels of Law”.
MAHAKASYAPA: He was one among the five disciples of Buddha who attended his First Sermon. He was also considered as the “First disciple of Buddha”.