Facts about the Pacific:
  • The largest and deepest ocean on the Earth.
  • It covers about one-third of the Earth’s total area.
  • It spreads for about \(168.72\) million
pacific ocean.jpg
Location of Pacific ocean on the Globe.
WestAsia and Australia
EastNorth America and South America
Stretch of the Ocean:
NorthThe Arctic Ocean
SouthSouthern Ocean
  • It is roughly triangular in shape.
  • It has its apex in the north at the Bering Strait which connects the Pacific Ocean with the Arctic Ocean.
  • Marginal seas: Bering Sea, China Sea, Sea of Japan, Tasman Sea and Philippine Sea.
  • Important Islands: Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Hawaii and New Zealand.
  • Deepest point: Mariana Trench is \(10,994\) meters deep.
  • A chain of volcanoes is located around the Pacific Ocean called the Pacific Ring of Fire.
The Spanish navigator Ferdinand Magellan named the ocean as Pacific, meaning calm or tranquil.