Facts about the Atlantic:
  • The second largest ocean on the Earth.
  • It covers one-sixth of the Earth’s total area.
  • It spreads for about \(85.13\) million
atlantic ocean.jpg
Location of Atlantic ocean on the Globe.
Bounded by:
WestNorth America and South America
EastEurope and Africa
Stretch of the Ocean:
NorthArctic Ocean
SouthSouthern Ocean
Atlantic Ocean:
  • The shape of the Atlantic Ocean resembles the letter ‘S’.
  • It is the busiest shipping route between the Eastern and Western hemispheres.
  • Deepest point: the Milwaukee Deep (depth of about 8600 m) in Puerto Rica Trench
  • Marginal seas: The Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Gulf of Guinea and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Important Islands: St. Helena, Newfoundland, Iceland and Falkland.
The Strait of Gibraltar connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea.