Facts about Southern ocean:
  • As the name denotes, southern ocean is situated entirely in the southern hemisphere.
  • The Southern Ocean is the fourth biggest (or second smallest) ocean on earth
  • Covers only \(6\)% of the earth’s surface.
  • Area covered: \(21.96\) million
southern ocean.jpg
Location of Southern ocean on the Globe.
The Southern Ocean:
  • Southern Ocean surrounds the continent of Antarctica and is enclosed by the  \(60°\)S latitude.
  • It is bordered by the southern parts of the Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.
  • The Southern Ocean is also referred as the Antarctic Ocean, South Polar Ocean or Austral Ocean.
Marginal seas: The Ross Sea, Weddell Sea and the Davis Sea.
Islands located: Farewell Island, Bowman Island and Hearst Island.
  • The water in this ocean is very cold, much of it is covered by sea ice.
  • The deepest point: South Sandwich Trench (depth of \(7,235\)m)