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Traffic signs


One of the most important aspects for all road users is to understand each and every traffic sign on the road.

The traffic signs help to communicate the basic rules and regulations of the road through simple graphics images which are easily understandable.


Traffic Signs


There are three types of traffic signs– Mandatory, Cautionary and Informatory.

1. Mandatory Road signs: These are the ones that give order regarding do's and don’ts and are to be followed strictly. These are generally circular in shape.

The purpose of mandatory traffic signboards is the smooth functioning of traffic on the road.



No Horn signs

2. Cautionary Road signs: These are the ones that warn the road user regarding the road situation ahead. Cautionary signs are generally in triangular shape.

Though these things are not inherent, accidents could occur if one doesn’t slow down their vehicle.



Road under construction sign

3. Informatory Road Signs: These are the ones that give information regarding directions, destination, etc. Informatory signs are generally rectangular in shape.

They can help direct drivers by suggesting directions or informing them about hospitals, schools, petrol pumps, etc in the area.



Airport nearby sign

Blue circles give positive instructions about what is to be done.


Red rings or circles give negative instructions about what should not be done.